Ascentio Technologies is an Argentinean technological company oriented to the design, development and operation of complex high-availability systems for the aerospace sector.

I’m excited to have worked here for a year as a software developer, on challenging project, in a company with a professional culture and surrounded by very experienced people.

Project: Sabia-Mar

Sabia-Mar is a satellite mission, with advanced technology for the study of the sea and the ocean, with the aim of provide valuable knowledge for the care of maritime resources and with an impact on the sectors scientific and productive. It is scheduled to launch in 2023.

I worked as a backend software developer in Python, making contributions to different modules communication and flight planning of the satellite. Developing functionalities and automated tests corresponding.

I consider it a very challenging project at a technical level, and when working with satellites, which are highly critical systems, requires higher quality standards.

It is said that one should leave the camp cleaner than you found it. I think I achieved that goal, contributing with my knowledge, encouraging good development practices, and in particular the improvement in documentation.

The Team ♥

Video about the launch of the Saocom 1B, one of the predecessor Argentine satellites.